Mental Health Depression – Why A Lot Of Modern People Have It?

May 11th, 2022 by dayat No comments »

Depression is one of the most common problems to have affected our present generation. It is a strange fact that the present generation i.e. people between the age group of 15-40 are the victims of mental depression but this is not the same with our grandfathers or great grandfathers!

Does this mean that our grandfathers were shielded from such problem just because of the simple life they led? Maybe; one fact that we all would have to agree with is that our modern lifestyle has made us more and more vulnerable to mental disorders like depression. Our modern lifestyle is full of stress and unhealthy habits where we do not know the limits to the pressure that we handle or the unhealthy habits that we have adopted.

On the other hand our grandfathers led a very simple and normal life; they never really overindulged themselves into eating unhealthy foods or leading a sedentary lifestyle. Exercise and food are two of the major things that can affect our mental health to a great extent; hence, if we too want to get rid of our depressing thoughts then it is time that we check what we eat and how we live.

We need to understand that our professional lives open us up to various forms of stress, thus we need to take care of our eating habits to save the body from further stress. It is better to avoid the junk foods and take in as much green vegetables and fruits as possible. Provide the body with the most needed nutrients and stuff it with the wellness of nature. This would automatically allow you to get over your depressive feelings.

Physical exercise is another important thing that one needs to inculcate into one’s life so that your body and mind remains fit and filled with enough oxygen to let the depression ebb away without any fuss.

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